Claudette's has one simple and basic mission and that is to sell good quality cars. We understand that there is still a significant segment of the population that chooses to purchase inexpensive cash cars and at the same time expects a certain level of quality.

When we consider purchasing a vehicle to sell we take into consideration it could be one of our family members driving that vehicle. Claudette's is a start up company , however we have been in the auto industry for over 20 years .

We are in a building phase , other services are also coming in the near future . Understanding there is no growth without treating our customer fairly and offering quality products for sale. The name of the company was taken from a strong woman and in her name we do business , knowing we will have to answer to her.

Henceforth Claudette's has been borne , we are looking forward to serving you and our community. With your assistance we will be able to grow exponentially , don't forget we've got the goods .


Location: Claudette's Affordable Cars, LLC
2759 Delk Rd ste 1275
Marietta, 30067
Phone #: (770)956-9982
Fax: (770)693-9737
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We've got the goods